A children’s picture book by
Doug Cturtle and Charlie Kaye

Mr. Dewey loves to read and has more books than his house can hold. So he moves into a nine-story house with plenty of room. But now his books are all mixed up! And in that big house he is feeling lonely.
Don’t be downhearted, Mr. Dewey! Some very savvy animals are about to change your life!


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Everybody LOVES Mr. Dewey!


Coloring Book Edition






Author and Colorist – Doug Cturtle 

Doug is a man of leisure living on St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA.

Former Life: 
I was an elementary school librarian in metro Atlanta. I used my Mr. Dewey’s Zoo story for many years to teach Dewey Decimal Classification to my students. It was my retirement dream to publish the story as a children’s picture book. Dreams really do come true!

Activities: Reading, writing, digital art, biking, beach walking, lap swimming, eating at seafood restaurants, and taking naps.

Family:  A man named Rob and a terrihuahua dog named FOXY! (pictured).

Favorite Things:  Libraries and books, museums, Broadway theatre, the Olympic Games, sea turtles, making new friends, kindness, and equality for all.

Drawings – Charlie Kaye

Charlie is a freelance illustrator who lives in Birmingham, England, UK.

Professional Life:
I’m a happy salesman.

Drawing Life:
I picked up my pens again in 2012 and I don’t plan on ever putting them down again. For me it’s all about cartoons. They’re expressive, dynamic, concise and sometimes fleeting, just like life. I know, deep hey?

Activities: Sketching, inking, running, running a bit less, running hardly ever, and scrolling through artists on Instagram.

 Family:   I have an Ashleigh  (not pictured). I make her look at cartoons a lot and say nice things about them. I also have a mum called Caron. She made me. Plus two sisters. 

Favorite Things:
Watching boxing, 1930s/1950s cars, art, photos, craft beer, and rare pens. Did I mention Instagram?



Parents, Teachers, and Librarians!

Mr. Dewey’s Zoo teaches kids Dewey Decimal Classification, which is used to arrange nonfiction books in most libraries.

It’s also fun to read! The rhythmic verse and delightful animal characters will engage and entertain all readers.

The story helps children (and adults!) to learn and remember the ten broad categories that make up the Dewey system.

Kids can find nonfiction literature more easily when they know Dewey!

Since most libraries use Dewey, this is a life-long skill that everyone benefits from knowing.

Mr. Dewey’s Zoo children’s picture book teaches kids
Dewey Decimal Classification!

Dewey®, DDC®, and Dewey Decimal Classification® are the proprietary trademarks of OCLC, Inc. (www.oclc.org) and are used with permission.