Mr. Dewey’s Zoo children’s picture book

Dear Reader,

This post represents the fulfillment of a dream.

As an elementary school librarian (media specialist), I created the original story Mr. Dewey’s Zoo  to teach my students the Dewey Decimal system. I thought it was important for kids to know the ten major categories that make up the arrangement of the nonfiction book section in our library. Over the years, I found that my fun little tale really worked to help kids learn and remember!

The story took on various forms over the years:
     – A “story telling” version that was not even written down
     – A rather lengthy narrative version in paragraph form
     – A more succinct and entertaining version written in verse
As the story got better and better, it became my dream to publish Mr. Dewey’s Zoo  in the form of a children’s picture book to share with other librarians and children everywhere.

Then two things happened:
 – Self publication became practical through the advent of digital media and affordable print-on-demand services.
 – I retired and now had the time needed to work on publishing and marketing a book.

Back in January I had the very good fortune to find illustrator Charlie Kaye, a skilled artist in England with an eagerness to take on the project. The artwork he’s done so far is simply fantastic, and his pictures are truly bringing the story to life.

So here we go! I can’t tell you exactly when the book will make it’s debut, but if you sign up for our mailing list, you will receive periodic updates. We hope you are looking forward to the publication of Mr. Dewey’s Zoo  as much as we are! Meanwhile …

Happy reading, everyone!

Doug Cturtle

Mr. Dewey’s Zoo children’s picture book

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Mr. Dewey’s Zoo!

  1. Love this sweet story and wonderful illustrations. I can certainly see how this can enhance a child’s ability to conquer the Dewey system if introduced to this charming storybook.

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